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WAR ROOM moves us, convicts us, inspires us.”
Christian Post

“Great entertainment. … This film changes lives.”
Assist News Service (Janey L. DeMeo)

"WAR ROOM is the best Kendrick brothers movie to date: touching and funny, convicting and inspiring, it’s a film that will both make your spirit soar and drive you to your knees."
Drew Zahn,

“The movie gives viewers an inspiring (aspirational) glimpse of what that spiritual metamorphosis might look like when we commit to making prayer a priority.”
Plugged In

“A Christian faith-based drama with fire, good performances, and a nice luster to its look and feel …”
Seattle Times

WAR ROOM is a terrific movie, gripping and inspiring! It has that dynamic mix of good acting, an interesting storyline, and humor tossed in at the right moments.”
Dove Foundation

“What a powerful, Holy Spirit-filled movie. HIGHEST recommendation!”

"WAR ROOM … a biblical box-office smash."

“Sincere and worthy.”
Catholic News Service (Joseph McAleer)

“This movie catches Heaven’s attention.”
Assist News Service (Janey L. DeMeo)


"WAR ROOM not only is a compelling and entertaining story, it truly has the potential to change your life. It's that powerful and that important."
Tony Evans, Pastor

"WAR ROOM highlights real people with real problems who talk to a real God in a real way, and who end up seeing real answers to their prayers. If you can walk out of this movie the same way you walked in, then you need to walk back in and watch it again."
Dr. Chris Williamson, Senior Pastor, Strong Tower Bible Church

"This is the Kendrick Brothers' most-inspiring movie yet. WAR ROOM made me laugh, cry, and shout, 'Amen, Sister!,' 'Kill it, Brother!,' and 'Thank you, Father!!' It makes me want to build a prayer room in my house and battle daily for those I love."
Kirk Cameron

"We so enjoyed WAR ROOM. It is a 'game-changer and we're praying God uses WAR ROOM to restore marriages and families."
Mark and Melanie Hall

"WAR ROOM is a reminder to all who watch that there is power in prayer! Christ exhorted us to ‘seek first the Kingdom of heaven…’ WAR ROOM embodies Mathew 6:33 and translates this kingdom principle into the day in which we live. I urge you to find a theater and see WAR ROOM."
Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

"WAR ROOM emphasizes the real power of prayer and the importance of praying for our wives and children."
Tony Dungy

"WAR ROOM is one of the best and most impactful movies I have ever seen! My prayer is that the Kendrick Brothers' new movie will encourage believers to develop meaningful prayer lives and inspire churches to enhance their prayer ministries."
Thom S. Rainer, President and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources

"WAR ROOM is a wonderful and compelling story that will motivate everyone in your congregation to make a fresh commitment to authentic prayer."
Phil Miglioratti,

"Regardless of what's going on in your marriage, prayer can change things. WAR ROOM was an eye-opening reminder for me as a husband and father that I need to be more in tune with the needs of my family."
Charlie Ward, Heisman Trophy Winner and All Pro Dad Spokesman

“Prayer is such an underutilized tool in my life. WAR ROOM challenged me in that area.”
Benjamin Watson, NFL Player and All Pro Dad Spokesman

"Let me encourage pastors around the world to use this tool, the WAR ROOM movie and resources that surround it, to encourage God's people to be effective and fervent in prayer."
Ed Stetzer, Executive Director, LifeWay Research

"WAR ROOM is a powerful, compelling reminder not only of the nature of our battle, but the power of prayer to defeat our enemy. Life-giving transformation is found as we cry out to God in believing prayer. And this movie is a call to followers of Christ to get back to the place of real influence: on our knees!"
Dr. Crawford W. Loritts, Jr. Author, Speaker, Radio Host Senior Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Roswell, Georgia

"WAR ROOM powerfully communicates the heart God has for us to know and depend on Him—not just for all we need and want, but also to help us deal with life. I hope many will see this movie and be challenged to draw close to God no matter what life brings their way."
Rick DeHaan, President and CEO, Our Daily Bread

"WAR ROOM is more than a movie; it's an experience that will both encourage and challenge you. I strongly urge you to see it. You will not be disappointed ... you will be blessed!"
Paul Cedar, Chairman, Mission America Coalition

"WAR ROOM is incredibly inspirational and relevant! It will tap your every emotion! Many will be convicted, convinced, and converted by this movie as it masterfully depicts the power of prayer in transforming the lives of ordinary people."
Dr. Leonard N. Smith, Chancellor and President, Richmond Seminary, Pastor, Mount Zion Baptist Church

"WAR ROOM is a powerful movie that's sure to ignite a movement and challenge you to PRAY like never before."
Pastor Brian Dollar, High Voltage Ministries

"WAR ROOM was so practical and realistic, and Priscilla Shirer was amazing! When we relinquish control to God, it makes a difference. It showed how honesty and repentance now can overcome bad decisions in the past."
Tonja Ward, Wife of Heisman Trophy Winner Charlie Ward

"WAR ROOM made us laugh, cry and walk out in victory and in encouragement. The battles are won, not in the field of life, but in the privacy of prayer—in our War Room. We highly recommend this movie."
Lauren and Brooke DeLeary, LoveCollide

"WAR ROOM is a gift to the Church! It will forever change the way the viewer understands prayer. There is a growing wave in which the local church is reclaiming prayer, and this movie is God-timed with this powerful movement."
Rev. Jeff Eckart, CEO Never The Same/Claim Your Campus

"I'm excited about the new film WAR ROOM. Join me in praying for those who see WAR ROOM, that God would touch their hearts.”
Franklin Graham

"I love the movie WAR ROOM because it personifies the power of God that has the opportunity to change a person's life, and that is exactly what we need to be committed to."
Dr. Ronnie Floyd, President of Southern Baptist Convention, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Springdale

"The Kendrick Brothers have done it again! WAR ROOM is a powerful film that reminds us that marriage is lived out on a spiritual battlefield, not a romantic balcony."
Dr. Dennis Rainey, President, FamilyLife

"There is a powerful new movie coming to theaters. I love WAR ROOM because it beautifully illustrates what is at the heart of a godly woman and what propels her into a fruitful lifestyle of thriving in Christ."
Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Author, Revive Our Hearts; teacher and host

"WAR ROOM is an amazing reminder of how vital prayer is in our lives, our families, and our country! May God use this film to spark a renewal in the hearts of many."
Kevin Palau, President, Palau Association; author of Unlikely

"What our nation needs is what every heart needs—hope! WAR ROOM offers hope that is genuine, warm, and available! This movie is a glorious reminder that today's darkest trials can transform into tomorrow's brightest dreams. Everyone looking for the secret to joyful, purpose-filled living will find it in WAR ROOM."
Byron Paulus, President/CEO, Life Action Ministries and Founder, OneCry Movement

"WAR ROOM is a movie every man should see. The husband in the movie represents the average man in America and his difficulty to surrender to Christ. We can all identify with his struggles on one level or another. I was convicted to turn up the heat on my prayer life and to be the spiritual leader of my family not just with words but with actions.
Todd Cox, Men’s Minister, Long Hollow Baptist Church

"WAR ROOM will strengthen your faith and ignite your passion for prayer! Audiences are reminded to fight their battle against the enemy and darkness of this world on their knees. Or, as Miss Clara says, to '... plead with God [for] what only He can do, and then ... get out of the way and let Him do it.' Amen to that!"
Mark and Susan Merrill, Founders of Family First, All Pro Dad, and iMOM

"Once in a while a film is made that strikes a nerve of society. WAR ROOM identifies the issue in families today as being world focused in lieu of God focused. WAR ROOM is how to center your life around prayer and how it can change your life. This powerful film shows individuals and families how to function in the battlefield of life. This is a must-see film."
Darrel Billups Th.D., Executive Director, National Coalition of Ministries to Men

"Inspiring and entertaining, WAR ROOM is a brilliant film that encouraged and challenged me in my faith. I am reminded in a powerful way that there is a God in Heaven who unconditionally loves me and wants to hear my prayers!"
Brian Doyle, Founder and President, IRON SHARPENS IRON

"WAR ROOM added new urgency and renewed passion to my prayer life. Go see it and invite your church, small group, play group, and girlfriends. You won't be disappointed!"
Penny Nance, Chief Executive Officer and President of Concerned Women for America

"I have never seen a more powerful, on-screen depiction of the power of personal transforming prayer. The wake of WAR ROOM's impact will be immeasurable. In fact, it may be a source or even a catalyst for the next great awakening in America (God willing)!"
John Bornschein, Vice Chairman, National Day of Prayer Task Force

"WAR ROOM is a powerful movie depicting an even greater power: the power of prayer. It will challenge you spiritually and touch you emotionally. I recommend it to you without hesitation."
Dr. Frank Page, President & CEO, Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention

"WAR ROOM is a gift from God to the Body of Christ and it is one of the best teaching tools to reemphasize the need, the importance, and the results of a disciplined prayer life."
Bishop Neil C. Ellis, Presiding Bishop, Global United Fellowship

"When was the last time a movie made you want to stand up and cheer? That's what happens when you see WAR ROOM. An inspiring movie full of faith and hope and love!"
Bob Lepine, Senior Vice President of Content Development/Chief Creative Officer, FamilyLife

"'Victories don't come by accident.' That's why Moms in Prayer equips women with a strategy to fight for their children in prayer. WAR ROOM powerfully delivers a prayer battle plan in an inspiring and persuasive story. Husbands and wives, parents and children, stop fighting each other—and learn to fight the real enemy. With a battle raging for the lives of our children, our families, our schools, don't miss this movie. Awaken your inner prayer warrior. It's time to fight for our kids. Fight for our families. And God will give the victory!"
Sally Burke, President, Moms in Prayer International

"WAR ROOM is an excellent film that brings the power of prayer up close and personal. I highly recommend it for all ages!"
Ryan Frank, CEO & Publisher,; Vice President, Awana